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Ace's Tree and Garden Service provides a competitive quote, BUT prospective clients should be aware that we cannot always provide the cheapest quote - and for a very good reason. Anyone who has used one of the many unqualified 'butchers' will know there is a world of difference in the quality of service offered in the W.A. tree industry.

Beware: Cheap quotes are a good indication of what kind of service you can expect and the damage to your trees and property can be costly and irreversible.

Naturally you want value for money - but accepting the cheapest quote rather than the "best value" quote is often a case of "buy cheap - buy twice". Incorrectly pruned trees usually require repeat services within 12 months, or need remedial work to bring them back to healthy shape. Properly pruned trees save you money. We recommend repeat services for mature trees within 3-5 yrs and we guarantee the highest level of tree care and genuine respect to all our clients, their trees and their property.

And we promise:
  • Reliable, on time service from quote to completion.
  • Certified arborists who genuinely care about your trees
  • Friendly staff delivering a final cleanup that you will be happy about.
  • Ace's personal approach and guaranteed Australian standard tree care.
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